You may have heard of bike share.Bike Station
Perhaps you’ve seen it in operation in Europe or the US?
In essence, it’s a simple concept that is bringing convenient bicycle hire to the heart of cities all over the world. An automated and very simple to use station holds a number of bikes, available for hire. Swipe your credit card and a bike is released from the rack. In fact, if you think ‘vending machine’, then you’d be pretty close to the mark.

Being an unmanned system has major benefits. The cost to hire a bike is reduced significantly and the stations operate 24 hours a day, every day of the year. So, there is no deadline to worry about, just return the bike when you’re ready.  In fact, why should a leisurely ride be restricted to daylight hours? Explore the city by night and experience a whole new outlook. Ride to dinner or a movie and meander back beneath the stars. How about greeting the day with a refreshing bike ride before breakfast? The lake and surrounds are quite stunning on a still, fresh morning, as the city wakes.

Spinway Explore Lake

Spinway Canberra does operate slightly different to an established, large scale bike-share network in just one way. As we’re a very young operation, we don’t yet have a sufficient number of stations to operate as a network. Bikes must therefore be returned to the station they were hired from, for the time being at least. We hope to change this as resources allow and increase the number of stations over time. We actively communicate with Canberra’s cycling body, Pedal Power, and will use their input to help shape our operation to best suit both residents and visitors to our wonderful city.

Spinway PricingSo, grab a helmet, lock, map and lights (all included in the price of course) and start exploring.  There’s a lot to see.

For a list of our current locations, see here.