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Head Helmet

There’s been a bit of press recently in regards to a possible trial of a no-helmet rule in certain low-speed areas here in Canberra.
There is evidence that compulsory helmet laws reduce the participation in cycling and that is what is driving the possible trial.
The question is, why does wearing a helmet dissuade people from cycling? Is it due to the nuisance of carrying around a helmet, the extra expense, machismo and/or vanity, helmet hair, two fingers to the establishment?
There’s no doubt a helmet protects your melon if you should fall (your fault or not) but should it be a personal choice?
Personally, I know people who refuse to wear a helmet and (although I shouldn’t) I admire the rebel in them. Then again, if they had a choice of being a rebel with brain damage or a helmet wearing conformist I’m sure they’d choose the latter.
Still, there’s no point in denying that there are more effective ways of getting more people on bikes. Safe thoroughfares, with some separation from motorised vehicles would be an obvious one.

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